The main goal of this white paper is to explain QTC platform and outline investment opportunities. QTC is purely a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through any financial institution.

This model uses Blockchain technology along with computer/smartphones to ensure safe and secure accounts for each user. This is a project to develop the future of the crypto-financial world. Its primary goal is to integrate and connect QTC into the traditional financial world and to create a single gateway through QTC platform for users, traders, investors and financial institutions with a whole range of add-on services.

QTC has several functions such as; to buy, pay and to sell services and items online, exchange with FIAT currency, and allow investments. You can also use the option of international transfers (remittances) along with pledging (microfinance), loyalty programs, etc. All these services are connected to the one point; QTC platform, making them more secure and transparent than currently existing cryptocurrency platforms.

QualiTech Coin (QTC), that will be sold, is our coin to represent a pool of funds that will be backing this project. These coins will be utilized as an internal form of payments within the QTC system.

As the project is released into the open market we are looking to add and enhance more features of the QTC system to better the accessibility of the crypto markets.


As the founders of QTC, we have an ambition to bring digital currency to everyone. We think digital currencies like QTC can do so much more than the sector has managed to date. Finding a way of making this sector appeal to local businesses and people, includes removing the need to understand the technical details of the technology. New and improved technology combined with more user-friendly interfaces can now make this possible.

We have major ambitions for this sector, as it has the potential to fundamentally transform the way business is done across the world. We want QTC accepted in local corner shops - when that happens, digital currencies will start to meet their potential. At the heart of QTC’s approach is the desire to make a currency for entrepreneurs, businesses of all shapes and sizes, and every end User.

QTC is not only as currency; the project entails spending and earning money, with the availability of investment and speculation. At the heart of QTC approach is the desire to make a currency for entrepreneurs, businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the everyman. QTC will be a tool for investment like gold.

Due to the crypto-nature of QTC, there is an expected rise based on the historical market data. This goes to prove that every investment in QTC will, therefore, yield more profit in the future.

This whitepaper sets out how QTC works, and our vision for the future of digital currency.


It is the first digital currency designed for small business owners; allowing individuals to make fast, secure and cost-effective transactions through a decentralised peer-to-peer network. The usability and accessibility of the currency position makes QTC as a world currency and the currency of choice for entrepreneurs. The opportunity for digital currencies is significant: This paper sets out to introduce QTC, the underlying technology that supports it, and its business supports logic.

It gives a depth of knowledge and explores the principles of digital currency and the potential it offers to businesses and consumers; including increased security, privacy and flexibility. From low transaction fees to instant trading, we explain the revenue offered by QTC backed projects and hybrid pledging programmes.

We not only attract venture capitalists, angels or seeds investors to finance our product. We, also attract and give an opportunity to everyone in the crypto-community to be a part of this economic revolution while providing our users with legally compliant operations affording both individuals and financial institutions a low barrier of entry into the cryptocurrency community.

Pervious digital currencies have started from a zero-base, relying on word of mouth and the technical knowhow of the ‘cryptocurrency’ community. QTC is different. QTC Members have been involved from the start of the QTC development process, and as such they were a ready and waiting community of merchants, consumers and traders when the QTC coin launched in exchanges. This has added stability to the exchange price as well as faster uptake than previous coins.


QTC is a digital coin not a token. QTC exists on its own blockchain whereas tokens are created on existing blockchain. QTC will be the fuel of the QTC backed projects and a speculative digital currency. It will be promoted around the world and conducted on major exchanges. QTC will serve as an intermediary between the crypto world and the real world as a new type of currency.

QTC was designed by experts using the latest technology and techniques in cryptocurrency and blockchain. QTC is at the cutting edge in digital currency, designed for use by the world’s entrepreneurs as well as private individuals. The total number of QTC is finite. There are only 90 million QTC in the network that will be mined over the next years. This gives leverage, robustness and long-term sustainability to QTC as a digital currency. Furthermore, QTC pre-mined 70 million coins ahead of the exchange going live. This was designed to nurture the early development of the QTC economy and add stability.


1. Our new robust platform is built on the open blockchain technology which offers a more developed/tested “altcoin” blockchain infrastructure, leveraging the security and transparency that they provide.

2. QTC will be the most widely integrated cryptocurrency today, trading with all of the leading exchanges, such as Binance, and Nova, to name a few.

3. QTC has world-class security while also meeting international compliance standards and regulations. QTC can be easily integrated with merchants, exchanges, and wallets just as any other cryptocurrencies.

4. QTC offers excellent liquidity which ensures that users can buy or sell as many QTC coins as they wish, quickly, and with little fees.

5. It is quick and easy to use and centralized to the unique QTC platform through the QTC projects.

QTC Pledging/investing Program

QTC has planned to implement various commercial and community projects in which investors can pledge/invest their QTC Coins. The investment in QTC backed projects yields attractive/high returns. Referrals are offered for bringing clients, bonuses are offered for individuals introducing clientele.

QTC Business Vertical

QTC Golf Club

A world class facility for those who have a taste for a premium facility and can appreciate a quality/standard golf course when they see one. Intended for tourists, weekend holiday makers and business travellers.

Residential Real Estate

QTC offers a wide range of residential apartments, villas and plots. Every element starting from the choice of location, aesthetic design, intelligent space planning, stringent quality-controlled materials and best-in-class amenities contribute to the final product - a zero compromise home that blends with the owners’ lifestyle and aspirations.

Luxury Private Travel Packages

By investing in QTC the client could avail the best International Holiday/Tour Packages planned by experts. You are sure to get inspired to travel the world with QTC Tour Packages. To get you started dreaming of your next International Holiday, QTC has a wide range of International Holiday packages to choose from and for the avid traveller in you, we have planned to provide completely customized holiday options as well.

QTC Country Club

QTC owned country club offers a membership quota and admittance by invitation or sponsorship, that generally goes with a variety of recreational sports facilities, dining and entertainment. It includes a swath of sports activities.

Worldwide Time Share Resorts

Investing in QTC for the development of timeshare Resorts worldwide gives you access to enjoy a holiday at their own home resort around the globe This gives timeshare owners all over the world a new level of flexibility and choice, revolutionising holiday experience for millions of people.

Organic Farm

It is an honest attempt to restore and retrace our ancestral cultivation methods with a modern and scientific outlook. The primary reason to embrace the organic approach in cultivation in QTC Organic Farm is, HEALTH. It is a long-term investment in the health of humanity of the world as well as the health of the ENVIRONMENT. Our vision is to create a brand, trusted, recognized for its organic integrity and year-round availability, keeping in mind the health of the society and the environment. We believe that it is our responsibility to spread the message that food is nothing but medicine.

Electric Commuter Bus for Indian Roadways

To accomplish the challenging target of an electric-only fleet, One must start by welcoming the change to electric buses. Therefore, QTC has taken upon themselves to strengthen their presence in the area of electric vehicle market for Indian roadways. In a short period QTC will acquire a large collection of public transport vehicles which are fully electric to ply on the roads of developed and underdeveloped nations thereby bringing a revolution in the conversion to green energy and thereby save planet Earth from environmental pollution.

Waste Management (Around 50 Countries all over the world) (IMF Approved)

Our Green Growth Mantra. We proactively work to safeguard nature, without compromising our operational requirements and whilst fulfilling the energy needs of our country. Thus, QTC is all in to establish the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste, or the processing of waste into a fuel source

Solar Park

QTC has planned to set up their own solar farms in India, Africa and South America. Solar farms are the most nature-friendly way of generating power for the grid and support endangered wildlife. Solar makes virtually no noise or waste and has no moving parts. Solar is the most popular form of green energy at more than 80% efficiency.

QTC Airlines

To establish its business venture in aviation business by starting its operations as QTC Airlines offering low fares, being on-time and delivering a courteous and hassle-free experience.

QTC in the Community

Green Movement (Planting Trees)

QTC works towards the objective of preserving the environment by addressing two root problems of deforestation and global warming through an idea as simple as planting of trees. QTC targets to plant 10,000 saplings by the end of December 2019.

Zero Hunger Food Programme

Eradicating hunger and malnutrition are one of the great challenges of our time. Thus, QTC plans to execute various programmes in delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience. This will be the humanitarian side of QTC.

QTC Cards

QTC Debit Cards shall be issued by partner providers which are connected to the user’s account. They are expected to solve the problem of payment in the traditional market and provide the option to pay and exchange currencies (both Fiat Currencies and cryptocurrencies) in real time. These Debit Cards will have industry-leading security features and may be used all over the world for online purchases, payments through the POS machine or for ATM cash withdrawals, without the mark-ups or fees associated with traditional Debit cards.

Project Schedule


The QTC Coin Generation integrates all functions within the QTC system and serves as the foundation.


QTC platform is Integrated with wallet, listing in exchanges, mining centres, Airdrop and Promotional activities.

Pledging PROGRAM

Users can pledge/invest their QTC coins for various projects conducted by our company in which they will get attractive returns. Also, users can get various benefits like referral bonuses, award/rewards, etc. by introducing investors to the company.

QualiTech Coin Uses

1. Invest in, or save for, a variety of future QTC products and programs

2. Exchange instantly to FIAT currencies or other cryptocurrencies at fair exchange rates

3. Trade on crypto exchanges

4. Participate in QTC backed projects by lending/pledging QTC coins.

5. Participate in affiliate programs which build up “payout” and support customers on a regular basis.

6. Spend your QTC with a specially-issued, physical “QTC Debit Card” – that can be used online & offline, wherever the cards are accepted in local Fiat Currency.

Activities that drives the QTC price

1. 90 million QTC in circulation

2. Development of the project – new functionalities

3. Increasing number of end users

4. Increasing the amount of trades options of new exchanges

5. The General adoption of new technologies


Our core team consists of experts who have extensive experience in IT, blockchain technology, marketing and business models. In addition, our people are veterans in the traditional finance industry, with more than 15 years’ experience in online trading, and private banking. The idea of QTC originated from long-term planning and several years of practice. The principal visionary of the project is a principal partner in a major financial institutions in US. Trusted with responsibility for managing and financing projects in the area of private placement, hedge funds and start-ups in volumes of billions of US dollars. His interest in connecting IT and the world's blockchain with the real world, and its implementation into everyday life is his passion.

We are also proud of the other members of the team who are highly experienced developers and veterans in the crypto sphere, responsible for projects and start-ups, highly active in the blockchain community. Of course, our team has a lot of marketing specialists, working for top companies in the development of marketing strategies. Our external consultants work in the finance and technology sector. An important part of our team is the security Techs.


We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel or build some abstract complicated structure, we’re simply trying to make cryptocurrency accessible to all. QTC is about success. Our team just wants to give users the ability to store, grow and build their investments securely, safely and fee free. We also want businesses to have the opportunity to tap into an otherwise untapped market.

Our goal is to integrate all financial services through our application to facilitate everyday life and encourage individual business to grow along with us. We are focused on arranging integration with existing businesses in the cryptocurrency space; such as exchanges, wallets, merchants, lenders, and others.

We will try to implement QTC in everyday life to allow payment for goods and services using our cashless/contactless mobile apps and possibly QTC payment debit cards.

The opportunities for the QTC platform are truly endless. With commerce moving more and more internet based, we are seeing a trend in global business that has barely even been tapped into as yet. We’re looking for a way to bring familiar and known systems to cryptocurrency to make it easily accessible and user friendly regardless of a user’s knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

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